There’s a lot to be said for simple. Your users have to learn how to use new systems, and then they have to use them day after day, so why not make that as easy as possible? Simple systems lead to better user satisfaction, and happier users lead to increased productivity.


Your IT systems are tools which should help your staff to be more efficient… and that’s it! We don’t sell based on fashion, tricks, or gimmicks; only features and functionalities which represent real added value to your business. That means all our solutions are tried-and-tested, and we’re confident they’re fit-for-purpose.


It's inevitable that technology will sometimes go wrong, but if your business works all day, every day, shouldn’t your IT too? We provide simple and effective solutions, which leads to increased reliability for your business and its users. When things do go wrong, our reliable and dedicated team of experts are on-hand to help.



Over 25 Years of Experience in Providing IT Services

Established in 1997, Renaissance Computer Services has been providing IT Services to small and medium-sized business for over 25 years.

Following a general shift towards cloud-based computing, the company developed itself into the MSP sector and has spent several years developing a solid portfolio of high-quality Managed Services.

We only employ staff who are passionate about computing and technology and many of them use the same solutions we sell, in their own homes: That’s how we know we’ve picked the right solutions for our customers.

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