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Microsoft Cloud (Azure / Office 365)

As a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, we can set up and maintain your Microsoft Cloud (Office 365 / Azure) Tenant to an approved, high standard. This means you can reap the benefits of cloud computing, while safe in the knowledge that there’s plenty of experience at the controls.

“Put a certified Microsoft Cloud Partner in control of your Office 365 tenant and enjoy all of the benefits, with none of the stress.”

Managed Cloud Backup

A Fully Automated & Reliable, Infinitely Flexible, and Totally Secure, cloud backup solution, with no hardware investment.

“Totally Secure and Fully Automated; Renaissance Cloud Backup provides the flexible and reliable solution you need to protect your valuable data.”

Managed Wi-Fi

Fast, Flexible, and Centrally Managed Wi-Fi Access Points which give your users or guests a reliable and professional Wi-Fi experience.

“Unleash a scalable, secure, and unified wireless solution in your offices and start enjoying seamless, super-fast Wi-Fi which exceeds the demand of your users and other IT systems.”

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning

Cyber security continues to be a top priority, and regular penetration tests form a fundamental part of a good risk management strategy. In fact, many industry-standard certifications require regular tests and scans in order to remain compliant.

“Are you confident your in-house or Cloud-based systems are as secure as they should be? Let our experts put your systems under the microscope to find the cracks!”

Total Security Suite

A combination of market-leading advanced hardware and software, which operates to shield your network and email from potential threats before they reach your computers.

“Give yourself the best possible chance of preventing cyber-threats from disrupting your business. Total Security Suite is designed to keep your entire network & data secure.”

Unified Signatures

High-quality signatures on all emails, regardless of what device, user, or system they’re sent from. Embedded Images means no more missing logos, and Centalised Compliance means that vital legal smallprint is always there.

“Create emails to match the rest of your communications. Unified Signatures gives you total control and complete confidence about the quality of what your users are sending.”

IT Projects & Proposals

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge just waiting for your questions. If you need help with advice, planning, or executing your next IT Project, we can help.

“Speak to one of our experts about how we can help you with your next office move, IT overhaul, or anything else!.”

Managed Domains & DNS

Register your new domain with us, or transfer your existing one. We’ll manage the renewals, DNS records, web-forwarding, and liaise with your web designer when needed, so you don’t have to worry about it.

“Is the core of your public-facing IT systems being kept in good shape? Let us give it the attention it needs and keep it humming along nicely.”

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