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Free yourself from the chains of your office: Remote Control your computer from anywhere in the world, with our Remote Desktop Software: Renaissance Remote!

Renaissance Remote is an add-on Remote Desktop Solution of which any of our customers, with either a Fixed Price Unlimited or PAYG Support Agreement, can take advantage.

From just £6 per month, per user, you’ll gain access to our Remote Portal, where you can quickly and securely access any of your Renaissance-supported computers, from any other computer or tablet in the world. Whether that’s from home, on your commute (with Wi-Fi or 4G/5G), or on holiday by the pool, it’s all possible!

All you need is a computer or tablet to connect from, and an internet connection, and off you go.

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Safe & Secure

Keep working confidently, despite ever-present cyberthreats. We take security very seriously because your Business is our business. That’s why Renaissance Remote uses AES-256 encryption, to make sure your remote desktop software sessions are safe and secure.

As always, look for “HTTPS” and the Padlock icon in the address bar to make sure you’re connected to the website you think you are!

Simple & Speedy

With the computer(s) you want to access remotely already on our Computer Management Service, setting-up your account is simple. We’ll send you an account activation email, with a link to activate your account and create your password.

Once that’s done, you just need to log-in to our Remote Portal (there’s even a button at the top of this website!), log in, select the computer you want to access, and start your session.

You’ll be up and running on your remote computer solution in seconds, working on your familiar desktop, even if you’re sat at a computer (or tablet) you’ve never used before!

Robust & Reliable

You’ll be connecting to your computers through the same tool we use to provide our remote Support Desk services, so you can rest assured that reliability is of the utmost importance to us. If you can’t work because the system is down, neither can we!

Feature-Rich Remote Desktop

  • Print documents from your office computer, to a local printer, using Remote Printing
  • Activate the Shared Clipboard to enable Copy & Paste between computers
  • Blank Remote Monitor(s) to keep your work private
  • Send & Receive Files between computers; no more emailing yourself
  • Block Remote Mouse & Keyboard Inputs from interfering with your work
  • Supports Multiple Monitors either with a scroll-bar, or as separate windows

Interested In Learning More?

Why not take a look at our other services or, even better, have a chat with one of our experts?