Managed Business Antivirus

The last line in your defence; our Managed Business Antivirus is super secure, but non-invasive.
You won’t know it’s there until it saves the day!

Managed Business Antivirus

One of our Core Services; our Managed Business Antivirus provides a high baseline of security and protection on every computer and server we support.
That’s why it comes at no extra cost with all our Fixed Price Unlimited Support Agreements.

Multi-layered Defence

Our chosen managed AV solution has the ability to detect mailware pre-execution, during execution, and post-execution. By focussing on the entire malware lifecycle, it provides the highest level of protection possible.

Multi-layered Antivirus
Centralised Security Database

Central Intelligence

Thousands of businesses across the world, all working together to identify new threats and share their knowledge. New threats are reported back to a central database so that all users can benefit from the information, within minutes.

Lightweight and Efficient Antivirus

Low System Demands

Benefit from proven, award-winning protection, while leaving more system resources available for eseential programs which your end users depend on daily. Keep your systems sage, without slowing down your staff.

Managed and Monitored Antivirus

Managed & Monitored

Every computer will report back to our central console at regular intervals. This means that not only can we monitor the antivirus health of all your computers, but we can also react quickly and effectively to prevent any new threats as they emerge.

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