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Are you a Small Business looking for exceptional IT Support in St. Albans?

If you’re fortunate enough to work in this beautiful, ancient city, Renaissance Computer Services are on-hand to provide quality services to you and your colleagues. Did you know we’ve been providing IT support in Saint Albans, to small and medium-sized businesses, since the early 2000’s? In fact, many of our current customers have been using our computer services for well-over a decade!

Why choose Renaissance for your IT Support in Saint Albans?

Our aim is to operate like an in-house IT Department. That means we won’t just fix problems when they arise and sit around waiting for the next one. Instead, we’ll make the effort to really get to know you, your staff, and your Saint Albans-based business. As a result, we’ll be able to make recommendations which will provide real-world benefits to you. Ultimately, we understand that if your business is successful, that benefits us too.

We bring a “no-nonsense” approach to IT Support: When something goes wrong, we’ll fix it first and ask questions later. The priority is always to keep your staff and business operational and running as efficiently as possible, and the “How can I make this better?” mentality is a core quality we look for in all potential employees.

Where are Renaissance?

With our HQ in nearby Watford, and with engineers based over much of the area surrounding the ancient city of Saint Albans, we are always less than 30 minutes away from the clock tower and beautiful cathedral.

This means, whether you’re in Porters Wood, Hatfield Road, in the City Centre, or anywhere in-between, we can be on-site when you need us there. For the rest of the time, you can rely on our team of experienced engineers to give you top-quality remote and telephone support!