Support Desk

Underpin your business with an IT Support Desk service from an experienced team of skilled engineers.
Renaissance makes your business our concern, and your users, our priority.
The centrepiece of our Support Services; our dedicated team of experts is hard-wired with a “How can I help?” mentality.
If you call or email with an issue, getting you back up-and-running is our number one priority.

No Queuing

We will never put your call in a queue! 95% of all business-hours calls are answered within 15 seconds. If we can’t answer your call within 60 seconds, we’ll call you back, whether you leave us a message or not.

Monthly Reports

We can provide a report of everything we’ve worked on for you, at the end of each month. We check this ourselves, to spot any patterns, and then pass it on to you so you can see exactly how we’re supporting your business.


Everything we do and know about your systems is recorded and documented, meaning any advice we offer is informed and specific to your systems and way of working.

IT Support Desk


We categorise issues by urgency as they are logged, based on the amount of impact they have to your business, rather than “first come, first served”. This means we focus on the real problems first!

Straight to the Point

Our phones are manned by the same engineers who fix your problems, so your resolution process starts from the second we say “Hi! How can I help?”

Easily Contactable

Can’t call us? No problem; we also log support issues by email. Just send an email to our Support Desk address and we’ll confirm your query has reached us, by reply, with a reference number for any future correspondence.

Interested In Learning More?

Why not take a look at our other services or, even better, have a chat with one of our experts?