Fixed Price Unlimited Support Agreements

Fixed Price IT Support and Consultancy by Telephone, Email, and Remote Desktop,
month-by-month, with no limits, and no commitments!

Designed for businesses with a budget for their IT Support & Development, and who don’t want to worry about extra charges when their users need help; our Fixed Price Unlimited Support Agreements are the best way to get the most out of your relationship with Renaissance and your IT. We take an active role in the planning, development, and support of your systems, and the vital functions they provide to your business.

We believe the quality of the service we provide should speak for itself, so we’ll never tie you in to a contract!

How would Fixed Price IT Support help my business?

Many small and medium businesses try to avoid calling their IT Support partners through worries about spiralling charges and never-ending support tickets. By changing to a Fixed Price Unlimited IT support agreement from Renaissance, you get a known up-front price which covers your users and computers for whatever life may have in store. What’s more, our flexible approach means you can still have regular maintenance visits included, if you want them!

All Fixed Price Unlimited support agreements include:

Account Management & Consultancy:

An experienced Renaissance engineer who acts as a point of escalation for those tougher support issues. Their job is to know your systems and processes inside out, so they can always give the best advice when it comes to strategic decisions.

Your Account Manager also becomes your first point of contact for all account-related questions, queries, or issues, and handles the bulk of your minor sales queries (like buying new hardware or software.)

Every 3 months, your Technical Account Manager will run a full review of our Technical Documentation for your systems. This makes sure the information our Support Desk staff are using is always relevant and accurate.

Once the review is done, they’ll run an export of that documentation into a professional-looking, friendly format, and send you a copy for your records.

They’re your systems, so the documentation should be too!

Twice a year, your Technical Account Manager (usually with one of our company Directors too) will sit down with the relevant people in your business to discuss all things IT-related…

How are we performing?
How can we do better?
What’s next for your business?
Where is your IT letting you down?
Do you have any hardware or software coming to the end of its life?

…plus a lot more!

Our admin staff work with your Technical Account Manager to make sure all those important hardware warranties, renewals, and licenses are kept current and up-to-date.

Unlimited Remote & Telephone Helpdesk Support:

Our Support Desk team can help with anything from setting up an email account on your mobile phone, to troubleshooting a slow or intermittent internet connection.

Outlook crashing?
Computer running slow?
Can’t get your second monitor to work?

Our team are there to help for as much as you need them.

We often get requests for our customers which have come from, or are about, a third-party system. We aim to be your first point of contact for all things IT, so we’re very happy to speak to anyone else whose involved in your systems.

Of course, we’ll always make sure any requests are genuine and authorised before we make any changes!

Backups are one of those things you know you should have but hope you never have to use. Well, if you ever need something restored – whether that’s an individual file or email, or an entire system, our team are there to help.

We’ve even been known to supply loan servers from time to time, to get our customers back on line ASAP.

Computer Management, Maintenance, Monitoring, and Antivirus:

All our Fixed Price Unlimited support agreements include a license for our Computer Management Service on every supported server, PC, or laptop.

This is one of the core solutions our engineers use when working on your systems, and also provides the core functionality for some of our other services.

Antivirus is as important as its ever been, but can also be a major reason for computers running slowly (or sometimes not running at all!) Our Managed Business Antivirus strikes the right balance between security and performance and, combined with our powerful Computer Management Service for deployment and monitoring, there’s just no reason to use anything else!

We routinely check our customers’ backups in multiple ways:

  • If a backup solution is installed but hasn’t reported a successful backup recently, our systems will automatically log a support ticket.
  • In addition to that, our Systems team have a dashboard screen above their desks which shows historical backup information for all computers we support.

Some of our customers like to get an email notification when a backup is successful (or fails). Others prefer to just let us monitor it for them. We’re happy to work in either way but, if your backup doesn’t go through successfully, the chances are we know about it before you do!

Additional On-Site Support Options:

If you like to have your IT Support Team come to your offices on a regular basis, we can include this (at a reduced rate) in your Fixed Price support agreement. 

Some of our larger customers find this really helpful as it allows their staff to develop a better relationship with the engineers who also answer their support calls.

Our engineers can take responsibility for rotating your local backup media, running routine maintenance procedures and tests, or just work through a list of minor issues which you’ve prepared for their visit.

Sometimes things go wrong and we need to come to site to resolve your issues. For  office-based businesses above a certain size, we often recommend a certain number of on-site hours should be included in your monthly agreement.

That way we can just focus on getting your users back up-and-running, rather than getting a site visit authorised by whoever pays the bills, first!

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