business internet services
01 February 2023
Did your business go into “survival mode” like many others, leaving your IT systems neglected? Are you now struggling to find the capital to get your IT back into shape?

Get Your IT Back Into Shape

A few months on from the last (hopefully!) COVID-19 lockdown and we see it all the time. Clients who used to be completely on-the-ball with regards to keeping their systems up-to-date now find themselves with a business which is still fighting to recover, and 3 or more years’ worth of system renewals to catch-up on, all at the same time!

As part of our Computer Management and Fixed-Price Support services, we regularly review our customers’ computers and offer recommendations for upgrades and/or replacements to keep staff working efficiently. Lately, the lists of “needs replacing” seem to be getting longer and longer and, of course, that means forking-our more of your hard-earned and precious capital.

So, do you hold-out for now and hope that the economy, your customers, and your business all recover before your systems grind to a halt? Or, do you empty the bank and cross your fingers that a bunch of new computers will boost efficiency enough to weather the storm?

We can help you get your IT back into shape with very competitive deals offered through our finance partner. That means you get those shiny new computers and increased efficiency now, but at a pre-agreed, predictable monthly cost and, at the end of the term, you own all the equipment.

If your computers are holding you and your staff back, why not get in touch with us and see that those replacements aren’t as out-of-reach as they might first seem.