Remote, Telephone, and On-Site IT Support, primed and ready for when you need it, but keeping costs down when you don’t!

Ideal for smaller businesses or individuals who don’t have an IT budget, or for larger companies who have their own in-house IT team and just need a bit of help, from time-to-time. We’re there when you need us, ready to offer support and advice, but you keep hold of the reins.

We install our two Core Service Applications on each of your computers, laptops, and servers:
Together for just £4.95 per computer or server, per month!
… and that’s it!

If you don’t need our help that month, you’ll pay nothing more for your IT support.

When you do need us, our Support Desk is ready and waiting. This is how it works:

Our PAYG Remote Support Charges

£ 70 / hour

Support or Consultancy by Email
Support or Consultancy by Telephone
Support by Remote Desktop
All charged by the minute.
Our PAYG On-Site Support Charges

£ 70 / hour

On-Site Support
On-Site Consultancy & Meetings
Charged for the first hour in full, then rounded-up to the next 30 minute interval.

We’ll send you an invoice at the end of the month, along with a report of all the work we’ve done for you (if you want it!). For installations or project work, we’ll normally quote a fixed price in advance.

All prices quoted are exclusive of tax and will be subject to VAT at the current rate, unless otherwise indicated.

What do you get?

Email, Telephone, and Remote Helpdesk Support:

Hardware & Software Support

Liaising With Third-Party Suppliers

Restoring Systems

Computer Management, Maintenance, Monitoring, and Antivirus:

Computer Management Service

Managed Business Antivirus

Backup & Systems Monitoring

Ad-Hoc Advice & Consultancy:

IT & Strategy Review Meetings

Make an enquiry about a Pay-As-You-Go support agreement for you or your business:

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